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I support free tutoring for low-income students! I want Congress to preserve and expand SES, and mandate that it be available to every qualifying student.

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Save Free Tutoring!

Supplemental Educational Services (SES), which provides free tutoring to students from low-income families, is at risk of being eliminated. But you can help! Learn More. Get Involved. And Sign our Petition!


SES Helps Students

Education is a fundamental civil right -- one which is not available to all children on an equal basis. SES offers students a unique chance to break the cycle of poor education by receiving the type of intensive academic help required to catch up, excel, and create opportunities for the future.


SES Helps Teachers

Teachers are often overworked and underpaid, and districts have trouble recruiting good talent. SES helps teachers make their time go further by supplementing instruction with the type of time-consuming personal attention that teachers are not always able to offer.


SES Creates Jobs

Providers of SES Tutoring create thousands of good jobs every year. These jobs are both Part-Time and Full-Time. They exist in every state. They are impossible to ship overseas. And, fundamentally, people working these jobs help make America's future labor force more competitive.